Baby Massage

The Nature.Nurture.Love Baby massage course is ideal for 6 week to pre-crawling and is run at various venues around Bournemouth and Poole. Each session we build up the massage and learn new strokes week by week. All sessions are relaxed and completely baby led.                    

This age old tradition has so many benefits and provides the best possible start in life, both physically and emotionally. Since the mid 1990’s baby massage has become very popular in the UK as more and more people realize the importance of baby massage and the physical bonding between you and baby. Research has shown evidence that baby massage improves weight gain, increases bone density, reduces cortisol and improves cognitive and motor development in later months.

Baby massage provides you with movements and strokes to help alleviate common ailments such as trapped wind, colic, teething, colds and sleeping.

Touch characterised by a slow caress or gentle strokes increases the brains ability to construct a sense of body ownership and plays a big part in creating and sustaining a healthy sense of self. 

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